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Teen Patti Game

How To Play Online Teen Patti Game and Earn Real Money in 2023


What is Teen Patti Game?

Teen Patti is one of the most acclaimed card games originating from India. You can choose to play teen Patti games online without money, or you can even use some of the best 3 Patti games for real money.

Teen Patti is a competitive card game popularly known as Flush or Flash, and is most commonly played in casinos. The rules of the game are easy enough - the one who has the best combination of cards in their hand wins - but the game can get quite complex unless you know what you’re doing.

In this article, we will discuss the ins and outs of the teen Patti or taash Patti game, including how to use 3 Patti to generate real money as Paytm cash.


How to play teen Patti game?

The teen Patti game is primarily a game of skill. You can log into one of the online casinos available and start playing without money to get the hang of it.

It starts with a deck of 52 cards from which the Jokers are discarded. The dealer deals out a pack of 3 cards facing downwards. The dealer is also a player, and the game starts with the last person to receive their cards.

The winner is decided as the person who has the highest ranking hand, and whoever wins the round gets to become the next dealer.

As you begin to play 3 Patti online, you will start to notice some patterns which would later come in handy to win more games.


How to make money online with a teen Patti game?

Teen Patti is a game that is most commonly found in casinos. In India, you can find numerous online casino sites that offer a variety of games like rummy, etc, and also, Teen Patti. Most newbies start off with teen Patti as it is one of the easiest to get started with and more importantly, you can easily earn money with it.

We would suggest that players try out free teen Patti games before starting off with real rewards so they can get the hang of it and improve their skills. This would not only boost your confidence but also make sure you don’t suffer unnecessary losses.

We will list the best and most trustworthy websites available in India which are safe and offer regular bonuses to their clients. These casinos will ask you for your details - basic credentials such as name, email id, phone number, etc, to ensure all the players are legitimate.


Genesis casino

- One of the most popular Indian casino websites for both, newbies and pros. They offer a huge variety of games to get you started.

Offer - Claim Rs. 30,000 welcome bonus and 20 free spins.

Platforms available: Desktop and mobile phone.



- If you want to play professional casino games, including teen Patti games, LeoVegas is made for you. With its sophisticated visuals and gameplay features, you can play teen Patti without any hassles.

Offer - claim Rs. 80,000 as a welcome bonus!

Platforms available: Desktop and mobile phone.



- Jeetwin is one of the most popular online casinos currently situated in India. Since it is based in India, all the games, especially the teen Patti games cater to the Indian audience.

With Jeetwin, you can get your winnings delivered directly to your Paytm account. With the teen Patti game real earnings with Paytm cash, not only does it make the job of 3 Patti cash withdrawals much easier, but you can also avail of other services by directly linking your bank account.

Platforms available: Desktop and mobile phone.


What are the methods available for teen Patti cash withdrawal?

Depending upon the website you choose, online casinos usually offer a variety of means to get teen Patti game cash withdrawals at your nearest bank or as Paytm cash. They however put a limit to the amount of cash that is won through the games, for example, Rs. 5000, before you can withdraw the cash. However, you can use the cash you win to continue playing other real money-earning games on the website itself.

There is also a teen Patti game real cash apk that enables you to download online teen Patti game real money appswhere you can directly withdraw cash without a minimum balance requirement.


What are some more real money-earning games?

Believe it or not, you can even earn money sitting right at your home while playing some of the easiest games in India that everyone knows how to play. There are some popular online games that we used to play as kids like ludo, snakes and ladder, chess, and many more that have been converted into online cash-winning games by online casinos. There might be some changes in the rules but the main goal remains the same - play and win to earn real money online.

Here’s a list of other games you can play to earn real money:

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