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Tennis Betting Tips

Get an Edge on Live Tennis Betting: Tips and Tricks | Go Bhai 24x7

Tennis is now one of the most-bet-on sports in the world. So much so, that it is now the second most-bet-on sport worldwide. Tennis is a big draw for bettors because you can bet on every game, and there are other bets you can make while the game is going on. Here are some easy tennis betting tipsto win when you bet on tennis.

Find out about the tennis season, tournaments, and tennis courts.

Now, if you want to bet on tennis, it makes sense to know how the tennis season works, what tournaments are played during it, what the men and women's competitions are, and so on.


The Grand Slams are the most important tournament at the highest level of men and women's tennis. Other ATP and WTA tournaments occur throughout the year, and you can find out more about them in the link above. The Challenger circuit for men is one step down, and the Futures tournaments are the next level down from that.

Here is a guide to the tennis betting markets, with examples to help you understand. Some of these markets may have different names depending on the bookmaker and where you live.  The competitions help players move up the ranks because winning matches and tournaments at every level give those points. Keep reading the post below to find the tips and tricks on how to win money betting on tennis.

Learn The Rules Of Tennis

Again, you know how to play tennis and win a match. However, it is essential to learn more than just the basics and get a good idea of how the game works. Especially if you want to make tennis bettingyour job, it's essential to get involved in the sport from the very beginning so you can learn everything there is to know about what's going on in a match.

Understand that serving is essential in men's tennis, but there are many more breaks for serving in women's tennis. Keep an eye on which of the higher-ranked players have yet to do well in the past on certain surfaces.


Know All the Tennis Betting Markets

Now that you know more about the sport, tournaments, and courts, you must understand how to bet on tennis. And there are many of them, from the most basic, like betting on tournament and match winners, to betting on tennis while it's happening.

Pay Attention to Surfaces

Big servers like to play on hard courts because the fast surface makes it harder to return their powerful serve. Those who use the serve-and-volley style do better on grass because points tend to be shorter on that surface.

When looking at head-to-head trends between teams, pay close attention to the surfaces the teams play on. If two opponents have played each other ten times, but all of those games have been on hard courts or grass, that information will not tell you much about who will win on clay.

Recent Form Is Important

A lot more money is spent on tennis betting majors than on smaller tournaments on the circuit. However, those who research how players played before majors will have a clear advantage. In tennis, a player's form is one of the most important things that affects their chances of winning. One player may have skipped many smaller tournaments so they would be fresh for the next major. This brings up the rest vs. rust debate, which is always discussed in team sports. Some older players do better when they have not played, while others do better when they have just played.

Along with a player's recent form, it is essential to know if they have been hurt recently. Did they do better in current tournaments than they would have liked, which could make them doubt themselves? Before making a bet, it is important to remember all of these things.

Find Props to Make More Money

At the beginning of this article, we asked if it is possible to make money by betting on tennis. In the early rounds of tournaments, players often have money lines of -5000 or more. Few bettors will be willing to spend that much money for such small returns. But when these players compete, there is still a chance for good payouts. Instead of money lines, check out the different prop bets that tennis games offer. Federer will almost certainly win his first-round match, but will it be in straight sets? Can a weaker player win a set or force the favorite player to go to five sets?

Set betting is just one way to turn a match far from one that can pay well. You can also bet on the number of games played or game spreads that have a 50/50 chance of happening.

Look At the Futures

Bets on futures are another way to win a lot of money by betting on tennis. Most of the time, futures bets are offered at major tournaments. However, people can bet on everything from who will win the whole tournament to who will win their quarter.

Head-to-Head Record

Before putting money on a match between two teams, you should look at their head-to-head record. With tools l, it is easy to find out what games any two players have played before. Like anything else, the more matches between players there are, the more likely you can guess what will happen. However, remember that the people who make the odds can also see all this information. Odds makers are more likely to give bettors an edge when they bet on lesser-known players or games where the two teams have not played much against each other. To handicap such a bet, you must know a lot about the players. Tennis fans who watch a lot are likely to put in the time.


Head-to-head analysis of players can help you find out more. All this and more will come in handy when you want to bet on tennis while the game is going on. This is an excellent way to learn the essential tennis betting tips. It is a good way to remember the sport's rules if you want to look them up later.

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